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fast drying putty

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fast drying putty

Found 512 fast drying putty for sale from different fast drying putty manufacturers, This page shows 1 - 20 fast drying putty products.
Products JN AA-3410b Fast-dry putty emulsion PDF Format INQUIRY Product details JN AA-3410b Fast-dry putty emulsion Function JN AA-3410b fast-dry putty emulsion is a self-crosslink ... 2016-10-24
Guangzhou junneng Chemical Co. Ltd.
Fast Drying Filler / Pinholes Automotive Putty car paint filler Removing Impurities Grease Fast Drying Filler Power / Auto Body Filler Quick Detail: Product Type One pack putty, ... 2014-07-10
Putty 1K fast-drying medium painted gray primer (Sue Gray disabilities) 1K fast-drying medium painted gray primer (Sue Gray disabilities) (BD101-4.0) 1K painted red in quick-drying ... 2016-07-11
Body filler& poly putty,Red hardener,Heavy weight,fast drying PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: European cured system with red cream hardener included. Specially formulated for the professional ... 2012-09-05
Foshan Shunde HImens Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd
> KingFix car refinish product has become the world leader in automotive coating industry. The Kingfix and mingqu Are two brand of low temperature baking series and furniture ... 2015-11-26
Wengyuan Henghui Chemical Coating Co., Ltd.
Fibre Polyethylene Fix Tape Bandage Repair Pipe Emergency Repair Leakage Pipeline Ansen Pipe Repair Bandage is the Ultimate Pipe Repair System for your pipe repair needs.Quick and ... 2017-06-14
Ansen Medical
Hoolong- Polyester Putty(with yellow hardener) Characteristic: A grey-color, two component body filler with good properties in scraping, easy for sanding, adhesion and flexibility, ... 2016-09-13
Hoolong Car Paint Co., Ltd. (HCC)
Putty For Fixture Specifications polyester putty: 1 High quality,competitive price. 2 Convenient application 3 Industry standard certificates This polyster can be used in iron ... 2016-06-22
LC Printing Machine Factory Limited
P701 Putty Two component polyester putty used to fill holes and imperfections in surface. It is easy to spread and has good sanding properties. Substrates Sanded bare metal or ... 2011-04-18
Characteristics: a. High performance b. Easy polishing c. Good filling d. Fast drying e. Good construction Application instruction Stir the putty evenly before use. The surface of ... 2011-03-14
Hebei Chenyang Industrial & Trade Group Co., Ltd
Product Description: packing and import quality powder is prepared from green products. Has good tenacity, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-cracking, anti-acid, anti-off powder, ... 2011-11-23
Shanghai Baoniao Chemical Co., Ltd
PRODUCTS Automatic Dry Mix Mortar Plant Semi-automatic Dry Mix Mortar Plant Dry Mix Mortar Mixer Sand Drying Machine Accessory Equipment Other Mortar Production Equipment Contact ... 2016-07-11
FEATURES 1, The flexible putty is mainly produced by the polymer and inorganic filler composition, strength strong and no toxic effects. 2, The flexible putty coating elongation ... 2011-01-26
Shanghai PEARLK Chemicals Co. Ltd
Product Code: PT04 Ingredients: unsaturated polyester resin dissolved by the styrene made of a single body of liquid media, and then fully disperse pigments and fillers selected ... 2014-05-26
This product is a new type of environmental putty, good filling effect, high bond strength, good elasticity and anti-cracking, can effectively reduce the micro-cracks caused by ... 2017-04-07
Guangzhou NOBOL Coating Co., Ltd
Two component body filler which has very good properties in spreading, sanding, adhension and flexibility. Substrates Sanded bare metal or epoxy primer Surface Cleaning Remove wax, ... 2011-03-17
Guangdong Yatu Chemical Co., Ltd.
Hoolong- Polyester Putty(with yellow hardener) Characteristic: A grey-color, two component body filler with good properties in scraping, easy for sanding, adhesion and flexibility, ... 2016-09-13
Guangzhou Hoolong Chemical Co., Ltd.
H1060 Epoxy Primer for Galvanization Plates(2K) Composing: It is a kind of two component protective primer that is made from diversiform modified resin, rustproofing pigment, ... 2011-04-07
Foshan Shunde Himens Industrial Co., Ltd.
1.   Application for filling up the uneven area of manufacturing and repair of car body, machinery etc. 2.   It has good adhesion performance with all kinds of base materials ... 2011-07-19
Designed specifically for the boat repair market. Recommended for filling pinholes, scratches and other surface defects on hulls. Its white color minimizes the possibility of color ... 2011-09-01
Bottom Paint Store Co.,Ltd

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