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DiscoveRx Kinase Assays

DiscoveRx Kinase Assays

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Company DiscoveRx co.,Ltd
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Update 2011-05-31 10:37:44
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DiscoveRx co.,Ltd
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DiscoveRx Kinase Assays

DiscoveRx Kinase Assays

Kinases are a large and complex class of highly druggable target proteins that are inherent to most signaling pathways.DiscoveRx offers the broadest panel of kinase solutions for functional activity, characterization, profiling, screeningand pathway information. These generic, no-wash assays include cell-based and in-vitro assays. The cell-based kinaseportfolio provides a cellular context to the kinase activation and use full length proteins well-suited for identifying novelinhibitors and antibodies, while the in-vitro assays provide quick and easy screening approach for both active andunactive kinases.

Product Features

Homogeneous, non-radioactive assays
Choice of either target specific cell-based assays or universal
assays for purified kinase
Broad applicability to many target classes
Simple, one to two step protocol - saving you time during assay
development and high throughput screening providing you convenience

Receptor Tyrosine
Kinase Assays
PathHunter receptor tyrosine kinase assays are whole cell functional assay, based on theinteraction between receptor tyrosine kinases and SH2 binding domain. The assay is ideal for novel inhibitor screening,characterization and antibody therapeutics.Read more
Targets: TrkA, TrkB, TrkC, INSR, IGFR1, FGFR4, EphB4, PDGFRb, ErbB4, ErbB3/B4, Flt-3
Cytosolic Tyrosine
Kinase Assays
PathHunter protein:protein interaction system has been extended to study receptors withoutkinase domains that couple to cytosolic kinases.Read more
Targets: JAK1, JAK2, PRLR, GHR
Pathway Assays
PathHunter pathway assays are novel protein-protein interaction assays for pathway analysis.These are cell-based functional assays. Read more
Targets: IB availableRead More,FOXO3-Akt coming soon!
Universal Assays
ADP accumulation assays employ a generic, non-antibody based,
non-radioactive method to detectthe amount of ADP produced during phosphorylation. This universal assay works with any kinases, ATPase or UTPase with no needfor antibody or modified substrates.Read more
Targets: Protein Kinases, Lipid Kinases, Non-protein Kinases, ATPases, UTPases, GTPases
EFC Assays
HitHunter Kinase binding assays are ideal for inactive/low activity kinases. No substrate orantibody is required and hence it gives an opportunity to find novel kinase inhibitors such as ATP competitive binders andallosteric compounds.Read more
Targets: P38 MAP Kinases, LCK, PKC, SRC, C-Kit, RTK, Serine
Threonine Kinases
Detection Reagents
Chemiluminescent detection reagents for use with all PathHunter
Cell Lines. Kits available for either Glow or Flash luminescence.
Read More

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DiscoveRx Kinase Assays

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DiscoveRx Kinase Assays

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