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Herbal Product

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Herbal Product

联  系  人: IP  地  址: 41.202.*.*
买家邮件: ***************** 发布时间: 2011-03-02 17:44:16
来源国家: Cameroon Cameroon

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Herbal Product
2011-03-02 17:44:16
Dear Sir,

I know you do not deal on herbs, but I want you to give this business a
trial which can increase the fortune of both of us.

I am Dr.JULIUS PETERS, From London (UK),I am a degree
holder in pharmaceutical research, registered with united
nation consultant agency worldwide.

I deal with HERBAL PRODUCTS, I supply products to the
neighboring companies and countries like Australians,
Belgium, south America, Asia, united states, Denmark, etc, I
seek to your consent to uplift a very nice business with
you, there's a company in America, I supply a particular
product called (TAGGRI HERBAL SEED) for curing and
prevention of dieses such as, HIV AIDS, PILE, SYPHILIS,
CANCER, ETC, it is my mind to open up to you, my intention
of sending this business proposal to you, I receive a call
from the company to supply the product within a period of 1
month, and I have given the details, terms and condition
both the price to the company.

This product is found in Indonesia at the rate of $480
Dollar per sachet and I have given it to the American
Company at the rate of $1000 Dollar per sachet of 12
PIES, Off which the Company's M/D accepted on the price,and
demanded 5,000 sachets, which I promise to supply them
in a months time Therefore I will like to hand over the
business to you as an Indonesian you are, to procure the
product from the producer in your country.

I know about a producer in PAPUA NEW GUINEA called
Mrs.,LISA HUMALA……… she is a local farmer there in
PAPUA , I will like you to handle the transaction as my
business partner in Indonesia, while we will share the
profit that will arise from it. Despite that I don't know
you but I believe you will cooperate with me. And I want to
know if you can stand to buy out the product from the
producer and supply to the Company if I present you as my
office in your country.
Dr.Julius Peters.

You can contact me: *****************
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